Why are you crying?!

Y’all, I ask this question at least 50 times a day. Seriously! I understand that as a mom of 3 girls some crying and whining is to be expected, but it’s getting out of hand. I am constantly calling upon the Lord to give me strength. The 3 year old wants a snack, so I give it to her and she breaks down in tears because I opened it for her. The 6 year old is crying because I told her she couldn’t give the baby a kiss when she’s sick. The baby is crying, but I mean, at least she has an excuse! My husband had no idea what he was signing up for when he met me, but it’s a little late to question it now.

So what do you do when everyone in the house is having a melt down? You hide in the bathroom till the crying stops and venture out only when it has been quiet for more than 5 minutes. If I am to maintain my sanity, I need a safe place to hide when sh*t hits the fan. They also sell cheap wine in large bottles for moms like me because after the day I’ve had, you’re gonna need it, trust me. The scary thing is that one day I’m gonna be the mom of 3 teenage girls and that just doesn’t seem fair to me. My dad claims it is karma for me as a teenager, but I really don’t think this is an equal punishment to one of me at 14! As for my husband, well, I tell him that this is his karma for his wild days. He probably deserves it.

I may throw my hands up in defeat multiple times a day, but it is certainly worth all the tears. There are the little moments that make it all worth it. Sometimes you just need a reminder that this is what you are on this earth for. These girls need me, even though I’m not perfect and I lose my temper. They always find a way to surprise me such as a picture they drew, a hug, or an unprompted, “I love you.” The last one is usually a manipulative move to get a snack or a treat though. My girls think the world of me and remind me daily that I’m the best mom in the whole world, even when I don’t feel like it. I think that as moms we have the tendency to burden ourselves with unnecessary anxiety. Did I scar them for life when I lost my temper and yelled? Are they going to look back and think that I didn’t love them because I yelled at them? Am I making the right choices for them? I’m pretty much winging this whole motherhood thing, and every day is a new learning experience for me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. So keep on trucking ladies, we will make it through these tough times together and one day we will look back at this time and miss it…at least that’s what more experienced mommas keep telling me.

The 3 year old typical pout.

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